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We are specialize in:

Professional training

Training courses to learn how to operate in the industrial hemp sector

Personalized technical advice

Choosing the right hemp variety on the basis of soil analysis and growing environment

Technical support

Scheduled visits

Business programming

Development of realistic and profitable projects based on a Business Plan

Legal / legal advice

Specialized consulting to start your company


Assistance to obtaining financing

Our training courses

A professional training courses to learn all aspect of hemp’s sector: hemp’s characteristics and its uses, primary destinations of hemp, current legislation, hemp market and future developments.

The training course takes place in a single day: the first part in the classroom and the second part on the field / greenhouse of one of our clients. At the end, a certificate of participation will be issued.

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We create Green-Houses and Containers


6/12 METERS - 6 CYCLES YEARA container for the production of plant material in a controlled climate.
It is designed specially for the cultivation of hemp.
Bag cultivation system with customized substrate or Hydroponic system.

The first APP in the world that helps you grow hemp!

We help you to create and develop your business in hemp sector

Examples of cultivation following our protocol